This week, we learned that drumpf’s approval rating had gone up a bit and now stands at 46%. Despite a gazillion investigations; despite dozens of indictments, plea deals and prison sentences for trump associates and former employees; despite Kim Jong Un and Putin making him their subjugate; despite an historic long government shutdown; despite kids stolen from their parents, locked in cages, and sexually abused; despite an historic deficit; despite an historic carousel of staff and vacant positions; despite ALL of these and then some — any of which on their own would’ve sunk any other president — this clown stands with an approval rating that is nearly the same as that of Obama or Bush at the same period in their presidency.

Most wonder how this is possible. I speculate that with a state-run network in Faux telecasting all of his 9,000 lies and counting to the third of the country that only watches Faux news, well, that accounts for their number in the tally. The rest of those happy with the job he’s doing, I attribute to the fact that they only casually pay attention to the news and only understand politics at a basic level in general. When they wave all of these serious issues off with an irreverent hand, they do so, I believe because they can’t process the mountain of fraudulence, impropriety, and corruption in the administration. It’s so big and so large, that it simply fails to register mentally at all.

How you may ask? What I mean is, if any of these deplorable acts were isolated, we could process it, understand how detestable it was, consume that information and act accordingly. When it’s a gluttonous portion of this magnitude, we can’t fathom or process what we’re seeing at all. It’s too overwhelming. So, many people have simply checked out, assumed because their life hasn’t been directly affected as of yet or not in an easily detectable manner, that, this mountainous orange mound of disgusting, lard, and gaseous bacteria, this “heaux”-biotic, and monstrous malt of mush and filth being created by this administration, just can’t be real. “This sh*t can’t be this big!”

So they ignore it. It’s sort of like the psychology behind the quote often attributed to Joseph Stalin “a single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

Interesting how the mind works. However, another interesting byproduct in my opinion in the case of trump, is that the longer these investigations go on without him being dragged away in handcuffs like a hype ass scene from the TV show “COPS, and the less people care because it’s “too much to chew”, the more invincible he seems to many. This ironically bolsters his popularity and apparent “strength” and “righteousness” to many. It’s such a twisted result from what you’d expect; counterintuitive to the entire idea of cause and effect, but it tracks.

Bringing someone to justice can often be a long tedious process, especially when the crimes are numerous and buried in convoluted processes and across multiple institutions, individuals and countries as these “money” crimes are. These things take time, made even more complicated by the wrench thrown in of, can we even indict the person at the helm of all of the illegalities. However, the larger this gets and longer it takes without the big dramatic press conference and “Breaking News” ticker flashing the “major thing” the president did that we just finally can’t ignore as a nation, the more people are bound to come to the conclusion that there’s nothing there. He’s “a good fella” (see what I did). He’s fine. He’s one of us. The longer he can appear to be shaking off all the haters, while still taking golf trips, dry humping the American flag, and talking more sh*t than Muhammad Ali before a fight, the more that braggadocio bravado feels appealing to a certain type and he manages to not only come away with the approval of the lost lambs he already had — he manages to lasso in a few more.

So, people shouldn’t lull themselves once again, into believing he couldn’t win re-election in 2020. Sitting presidents typically do win a second term. And at this point, it’s quite possible that he’s exactly right…

He really could stand in the middle of 5th Ave. shoot someone and get away with it.