If this wasn’t our reality, you’d swear that was the opening to a joke. But here I sit, watching a dude who’s never worked a day in his life, never wondered how he would pay a bill, never worried about feeding his family, never fully understood budgeting, never been told “no”; allegedly represent the “common man”. I’m forced to watch Toupee Fiasco, stand at podiums and tell 300 million plus people how it’s no big deal that nearly 1 million of them are going without pay right now. Explaining to them how their landlords will understand. Talking about sacrifices they can make like have garage sales and whatnot for the greater good. And then, to add insult to injury, have the audacity to say, that these people are “with him”.

And you know what… he’s sort of not wrong.

Don’t get it twisted, the majority of the nation is certainly not with him. But he’s got like this 30% who cling to him like orange bronzer and insist on living their worst lives as long as brown and black people’s lives are worse than theirs. Even now, with people hurting, food not being inspected, planes not being inspected, national parks being trashed etc. this 30% still foolishly believe this wall must be built. He’s “sticking to his guns” because it’s urgent!

Their White Walker in chief has held power for two full years. He had the House. He had the Senate. At any moment in that time, if they wanted to pass funding for an urgent, emergency, gotta-be-right-now wall, they could’ve. They didn’t. They passed a $1.3 Trillion dollar budget last year that didn’t include money for a wall — a wall Mexico was supposed to pay for, let’s not forget that part. And that’s because it’s not urgent. It’s not an emergency. Illegal immigration is at near a ten year low. The wall is also not popular with most Americans. The Night King though waited until the GOP lost an election, until his personal legal affairs were even more in shambles, to pick a fight, so he/they could blame someone else and then rile their wights — I mean their base (no I didn’t, I meant whites) — up.

The sad thing is, I’ve seen enough evidence to show that, this could work, blaming Democrats. Magcheeto has always operated from the “a lie told often enough becomes the truth” framework. And he has an entire news organization to help spread this to his flock of poor whites who still somehow believe this fraudulent, tax-evading billionaire understood their plight and was for them. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, it was Faux News — ground zero for misinforming poor white people — who helped feed his obstinance on the wall. Sean Hannity feeds him and his audience bad ideas, Drumpf feeds it to the people at rallies because he likes validation and he thinks he can win that way. They feed off of each other in what can only be described as the worst “69” ever (thank you, crassness comes free).

But while we laugh at this silo of misinformation, bigotry and faux populism, it’s what fuels Republican inaction on what they KNOW to be proper. And that would be ACTUALLY fighting for the common man. You know, the ones who won’t have understanding landlords or be able to cover the mortgage with a garage sale, who can’t pay their medical bills and can’t afford college tuition. These are the worries and concerns of ordinary people across race and ethnicity. And that’s something Benedict Donald can’t relate to at all.