Next week will be a date I’ve been waiting on for nearly 2 years — the season premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m nose deep in this story. I have been since the series premiered in 2011. I mean, I do a friggin’ podcast about it (proud plug). I was captivated immediately by the characters, the storylines and lore so rich it almost feels like actual world history. The thing I love most about it though, is how it reflects our current politics so much.

I won’t get into the heavy details of that, but suffice it to say that ever since the show started, I and many others have been able to correlate many parts of it or some character in it with whatever was going on politically at the moment and sometimes the parallels the “New Gods” (the internet) gave us were hilariously spot-on. George R.R. Martin, the author of the books the TV show were adapted from, has essentially said the same thing with regards to real-world politics.

Last week comedian and writer Dana Gould, sent out this tweet about the Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election.

Ain’t that it, just like my show. You have on the “good side” a bunch of flawed leaders, each with their own issues, but each with his/her own fanbase who can find and nitpick every single flaw in an opposing candidate while missing the same flaws and issues with “their guy”. And in the process of alllll that infighting, the real evil doers just ride right on through and take everything we claimed to truly hold dear. Imbeciles. See, that right there is enough to make you yell “Team Cersei!” cause at least that chick knows how to win.

That tweet was so accurate. It reflected things I’ve been saying since 2016 actually. The litmus test to get the approval within the Left’s silo is so stupid and ridiculous. No one is going to be able to be all the things to all the people and do so flawlessly for decades at a time, while doing so in the public specter, while also in the midst of trying to defeat adversaries in the context of changing dynamics, while consistently trying to raise enough money to compete against the “Iron Bank” that is the GOP, every election cycle. “No one”. Nobody. The inability of Liberals to grasp that and unify behind a good but inevitably flawed-in-some-way-candidate whoever that may be, is the stuff preschool fights over which story to read are made of. Not everyone is gonna be happy with whichever story is chosen, but you gotta admit, any story at this point beats anything Miss DJ Trunchbull has in mind (would literally be the chokey).

And this isn’t even the worn out argument over not picking between the “lesser of two evils”. That entire notion is noble, but it’s based around some far fetched idea that there ever was such a thing as a completely virtuous, “Unsullied” 🙂 human being to run for any position in the first place. To return back to my preschool analogy — that’s a fairytale to begin with. We’re too grown to be outchea subscribing to it.

Everyone in the Democrats’ camp is essentially running on the same platform with a few variations as to how to roll out and fund programs here or there. We have three branches of government and we have state houses. So at the end of the day, the vote for president is a vote for an ideology and an agenda that is supported by the buttresses and arches of the OTHER representatives we send to the Senate and the House. And these things can get further support by the folks we vote for in state House races. Do you know why the legalization of marijuana is closer to reality than its ever been? Because STATES started to legalize it, one-by-one until eventually, it began the process of bringing the “wall down” of obstruction to it (although there’s still a long way to go).

In other words, you don’t need the perfect figure-head in a democracy. You need a leader who’ll present the agenda you want and you… WE have to surround that person with the support needed in Congress to help move that agenda along.

We really have to get a grip on how voting for personalities instead of voting for overall agendas is to our complete detriment. And so is waiting for the perfect mix of Black-Muslim-Openly Gay-Strong-Male-Female-Jesus-Agnostic-Daenarys-Ned-Aegon-Targaryen-Tyrion-Stark as the candidate before we feel “comfortable” enough to cast our vote.